Hey all! I am featured in this month’s issue of Catapult Art magazine.  October 2013 – Issue #26

Click here to read/view the whole online magazine for a limited time.

I am so excited. It is my first magazine feature. I am on page 104 I believe and it is a double page spread.

2 of my watercolor paintings are featured.
The Lock Keeper and the Key Master.
The 2 paintings are set of girls that were painted with that in mind.  I utilize the negative space of the paper display the yin / yang or duality of the woman and her need for companionship, not necessarily for the opposite sex.  Just like a lock and a key, one without the other cannot reach it’s full potential.

Okay, that was deep. I will stop there!
Here is the link to the online version of the magazine which displays incredible artists located throughout the world and their beautiful artwork.

You can purchase the printed magazine here  (not yet, but in a few days it will be available)

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  • October 5, 2013 Dad says:

    Hi Sweetie,

    Great job! Congratulations, and I’m very proud of you!

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